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LMFAO: The Human Rights Report

by Pasta Blunt

Food Aid To Moms & Kids Cut By Sequester

I always thought that the WIC program was one of the best programs the government had.  I heard in the last few years that it wasn’t being operated as soundly as it had been, still what is?  I would much rather have some money “wasted” and “lost” on social programs that help people, especially children and the poor, then I would have the same “waste” and “loss” in military programs that are only designed to kill.  Now that is a real waste.

I was working on my taxes this evening and remember the time when I finally had to pay some tax to the government instead of always getting refunds due to the “earned income credit.”  I felt rather proud that I was contributing having been the beneficiary of the taxes of others when my children were small and we were on WIC and qualifying for other low income benefits.  When I mentioned this to someone they thought I was crazy, but I was glad to contribute my share.  I still am.  Is that patriotism?  If so it is the first time in my life I have ever considered myself patriotic.

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