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What’s with finding our former office hold- ers guilty of war crimes? So what if innocent people testitifed to being tortured in US military bases the world over? Just like, mind your own beeswax, jeez.

Didn’t we almost have it all? The myopic education, the tarnished future, indentured servitude (of a different sort) all over again like they used to teach us about in the Social Studies textbooks when getting educated to help create everlasting wealth for our rulers. When love was all we had worth giving!

– it rhymes with bologna. But not Tony Bologna. He’s for realsies.
– they interviewed it on Entertainment Tonight – it inspires self-destructive thoughts in those around you. And you?
– it makes Dubya’s shit-eating grin look like the yellow Smiley face. Not the Wal-Mart one.
– it was voted Cheer Captain
– it cut funding to Planned Parenthood
– it’s Obama’s change

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pg. 18 “syrofoam”   pg. 19 “manufacterer” , “vinegard”  pg.22 “necassarily”, “ect.”  pg. 23″ judgement”, “bouqet”, “recieved”.

S. ‘Sergeant’ Charlton

Syracuse, NY.

I join mine to the many voices saying thanks, [Charity Case], for the Handout; Issue #1. Read it cover to cover (or should I say keyboard to spiders) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even recognized a couple of those stories, which were good. And, of course, I’m hoping along with millions that the Pearls from Granny Smith becomes a regular feature.

Ted Chaffee

Author of

Couple Conversation: The Art of Creating Intimacy

Grey, ME

Why are you so angry at Chuck Klosterman? Hating him is like hating bubble gum for not being bread.

Dave Gold

Riverdale, NJ

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