the week at charity case (1)

Monday: After cursing the copier and hanging his head, E.D.S. shrieks ‘Yikes!’ when he sees the enormous rat-trap on the floor next to jlc’s Wurlitzer organ.

Tuesday: jlc (having forgotten his phone at home) actually uses a phone-booth, having to ask for quarters and read the number from the ink on his palm.

Wednesday: E.D.S. calls the manufacterer of Charity Case’s copier and spends the rest of the night hoarding the Tums.

Thursday: JPC finds that chocolate, if given enough time, will melt on your finger the same as candle-wax.

Friday: Having tasted the worst cup of coffee to her recollection, T.Tawks cleans the coffee-maker three times with vinegar & water and prepares another pot, only to discover that the milk had gone bad.

Saturday: After having had significant trouble working the copier, jlc is found hunched in his bed like a wet blanket holding a steak-knife. E.D.S., finding jlc, lunges at him, grabbing the knife and screaming, ‘Me first!’ Also, Jon finished Far Cry 2 and almost completed reading through the edits.

Sunday: Comin down.

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