We Will See


That promised day
Chiseled on tablets of pre eternity

It’s inevitable We, too, will see

Pyramids of tyranny Floating like wisps of cotton

The earth shaking and rattling Beneath our stomping feet

Swords of light flashing Over the heads of oligarchs

Idols flung out
From sacred monuments

Crowns tossed into the air Thrones demolished

And we the pure and the rejected (Standing in Liberty Square)

“Our hands blossoming into fists” Will rend the sky with a cry

“I am Truth”
Which is you as well as I

And the beloved of earth will reign You I We Us


(Translated, from the Urdu, by Rafiq Kathwari

Translator’s note: This is a translation from the Urdu of a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a great 20th Century South Asian poet. 2011 was Faiz’s birth centennial. He died in 1985. This poem, written in 1979 in San Francisco, foresees the Arab Spring and, by extension, Occupy Wall Street.)

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