Occupy Broadway began sometime after 6pm on Friday evening in the plaza near the TKTS booth in Times Square. A group of five people singing songs with guitars and percussion. A banner with ‘Occupy Broadway.’ People in makeup so that you can’t tell if they are going to perform later, or on break from whatever theater they work at; or both.

Someone says that there are performers on 50th street, but a trip up found nothing, until a group of drummers emerged from uptown walking south towards the plaza.

From 6:30-10:30 Pulse, a group of drummers with an occasional a vuvuzela, played while two fellows waved flags over them: one the US flag, the other a Revolution Generation blue flag.

Occasionally one severely underdressed drummer from Pulse (it was cold, he had only a tshirt) would lead the group of 50 to 100 people in a Mic Check, often instructing us on how the people’s mic worked, before excoriating everyone to have a good time and take the energy they created with us, wherever we went.

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