Skywriting Above NYC

Walking east along Nassau Avenue this afternoon, I saw many heads looking up, and followed their gazes.

Above the city two planes were busy writing a message in the blue sky, although this insufficient number was cut to one plane eventually, so that by the time the message was complete the beginning had disappeared.

“Lost Our Lease,” the skywriting finally read. The message appears to be a project called The Sky is the Limit/NYC, by Kim Beck, supported by Friends of the High Line. The project “consists of fleeting messages from advertising billboards and storefront signage” including phrases like “Last Chance,” “Now Open,” or today’s “Lost Our Lease.”

Greenpointers watching the events unfold were wry about the inability of the planes to deliver a full legible message. “Good use of money,” one man said, carrying his infant back inside. Several people wondered why they didn’t just write “#OWS.”

When contacted, artist Kim Beck replied that only one plane was used for the skywriting said the each piece had a “nuanced range” of meaning.

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