the week at charity case (5)

Monday: Really excited about tomorrow’s Kill List meeting.

Tuesday: Kill List Meeting day! Whoopie! Kill that guy! Kill that guy! Kill that guy! What about this guy? No evidence at all? Who cares? Add ‘em to the list!

Wednesday: Why can’t EVERY day be Tuesday, Mom?

Thursday: My God, Tuesday is so far away.

Friday: I’m in love. With my Kill List!

Saturday: Can’t we just fucking kill someone WITHOUT the list? Please, Mom? PLEASE!

Sunday: God’s day. And the Lord said goeth into every land where men weareth turbans and ladies weareth maskeths and bombeth them with absolute awesomeness and letteth the violenceth raineth downeth upon their headeths- No, I know it’s not Tuesday, Mom, but a boy can dream…

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