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circle k branded

From: Handout

To: Customer Service 

Subject: Circle K


Why is this store called CIRCLE K? Why not O K? Or just K? Where did CIRCLE come from? Thanks.



From: N——-, Mark 

To: Handout 

Subject: answer to your specific question.


Hi Handout,


Circle K originated with the purchase of three convenience stores call “Kay’s Food Stores” in the early 1950s…

The buyer (Fred Hervey) changed the name to “Circle K”…. and the name has lived on..




Mark N——

Director of Human Resources and Training

From: Handout

To: N——, Mark 


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m just wondering WHY he chose CIRCLE. Why not SQUARE or RECTANGLE or any other shape? or even TRIPLE K or POWERFUL K? Were the stores located in a geographical circle in relation to each other? Did Mr. Hervey already have the logo and so took the name literally from the logo? Thanks for satisfying our curiosity.



From: N——, Mark 

To: Handout

Handout…. As we understand it….


The three original stores were located in El Paso, Texas and the branding Iron used on cows was part of how it originated or the idea of Circle K was derived. In the Original Circle K’s if you would envision a Branding Iron Circle and the K in the center. The original look was truly a Red Circle around a K and the new version that has the red square around the white Circle and the letter K evolved in the early nineties.



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favorite union (1)




American Postal Workers Union: Keep those postcards from my dentist coming in – and issues of Handouts going out! Put your hand out and take this Handout! On Saturdays too! And in rural places, like George Jefferson Adams McKinley intended!

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LMFAO: The Human Rights Report

by Pasta Blunt

Food Aid To Moms & Kids Cut By Sequester

I always thought that the WIC program was one of the best programs the government had.  I heard in the last few years that it wasn’t being operated as soundly as it had been, still what is?  I would much rather have some money “wasted” and “lost” on social programs that help people, especially children and the poor, then I would have the same “waste” and “loss” in military programs that are only designed to kill.  Now that is a real waste.

I was working on my taxes this evening and remember the time when I finally had to pay some tax to the government instead of always getting refunds due to the “earned income credit.”  I felt rather proud that I was contributing having been the beneficiary of the taxes of others when my children were small and we were on WIC and qualifying for other low income benefits.  When I mentioned this to someone they thought I was crazy, but I was glad to contribute my share.  I still am.  Is that patriotism?  If so it is the first time in my life I have ever considered myself patriotic.

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you might be a militant if (1)

– You’re a male and we kill you, then you’re definitely a militant. Sometimes you just can’t know until they hit the ground.

– Well, the dictionary definition of’militant’ is ‘engaged in warfare; warring; disposed towards war; warlike.’ which admittedly lacks the whole by dawn’s early light bit.

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buns & gutter: castor oil


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casserole of the day (2)



shit on a shingle *


* made with mechanically separated meat, may-we (<—— that’s French for ‘no shit’)

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books we’re reading

The old people in a new world, the new people made out of the old, that is the story that I mean to tell, for that is what really is and what I really know.

– Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans

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