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bombs bursting in air (1)


1. Presidential Signing Statement, NDAA 2012: I can lock you away from mommy and daddy forevermore – but I won’t! Totally I won’t. Like, I promise, okay? Okay? It’s just that some guy in the future might need to. Like me. In the future. Because the future
is now. I’m forward thinking like that. Hey, I always said I was into change.

2. Oh and also that thing out in the desert
in Utah that’s collecting our lives in digital format. The Utah Data Center – just look how unthreatening the name of the facility is! But just in case. Like for in the future and stuff. Come on guys, you know what I mean. Might have to get the goods on you sooner or later. And you, too, probably. Probably sooner than later, really, if I’m being honest. And who isn’t?

3. Air Flight 655.

4. Charity Case’s 5th grade in-school spank- ing. Thanks, Miss Le Crouse! And to Mr. Fos- tah, who was looking on as ‘witness’ – how you like that ass, baby?

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as close to a mission statement as we can presently get (1)

Our strategy should be not only to confront empire,
but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen, to
shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance,
our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re
being brainwashed to believe. The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: we be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.

(arundhati roy)



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topical devotions (4)


1. Egads! King! Watch out! Your hemorrhoids!

2. I thought it was a costume ball.

3. That thing couldn’t wipe an ass unless it were the heavenly host’s. *

4. I wonder if our Persian soon-to-be-overlords also take dumps…

5. Finally, these hands are free. Free of ass. But who will want them?

6. You need to have your pants on to shit them, King!


* Blatant anachronism. 

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the week at occupy our stories (1)

Monday: Do I have a story? I just woke up.

Tuesday: Yes, you have a story. You’ve been talking to the dog for three days.

Wednesday: Just because I’m talking to the dog doesn’t mean it’s a story. He’ll listen to anything.

Thursday: He won’t listen to just anything. He likes pastoral stories. Stories of struggle. Stories of peril. Stories of human connection and-

Friday: Stories about witnessing my bathetic ennui. Saturday: He just walked away from me.

Sunday: Ask him why! Get the recorder and ask him why! 

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cover (4)


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nobody likes a sore loser more than me


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bamn – employ hands


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bamn – phone booth


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may day

may day they made for workers
may day they made for me
law day they made all regal and legal cause nobody paid them attentions

may day they made for action voluntarily
law day they made to sharpen the blades of all of the hecklers and henchman

may day they made for bailers railers and taylors and failers it might be one afternoon under the sun

it might last until may 2

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bamn – 99%


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