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How the K Got In the Circle

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From: HandoutTo: Customer ServiceSubject: Circle KWhy is this store called CIRCLE K? Why not O K? Or just K? Where did CIRCLE come from? Thanks. Handout From: N., Mark To: HandoutSubject: answer to your specific question. Hi Handout, Circle K originated with the purchase of three convenience stores call “Kay’s Food Stores” in the early 1950s… The buyer […]


Think Different – But NOT Persian!

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Remember that time an Apple employee in the U.S. state of Georgia refused to sell a computer to a woman he had heard speaking Farsi because ‘our countries have bad relations’? Well me and the 29 other people who signed the petition do! But then Reuters produced a confusing […]

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Interview with Dan Kinch: Activism, Performance, and Jury Nullification

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Jury nullification is this great thing. William Penn is jury nullification. One of the founding fathers not talked about. But yes, in the American judicial system – this dates back to the colonies – you are allowed to vote your conscience regardless of the evidence you are presented with. It was how the Quakers kept from going to prison for not worshipping in the Church of England. And that has been true forever. There’s an organization called the Fully Informed Jury Association, which actually will send you leaflets and flyers that explain your rights as a juror. But people don’t hear that.