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Bluestockings in NYC
Black Mosquito in Germany

Pandemics and Prisons
Fateful Lightning: “John Brown’s Body”
and the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”
Hubert Harrison: The Black Socrates
Las Casas & Academe: Interviews with Prof. Larry Clayton, and Prof. Nigel Griffin
The Greenpoint Oil Spill
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Bluestockings in NYC
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Rejection Letters To Famous Authors: F. Scott Fitzgerald
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available on Etsy
Interview with Norman Finkelstein
Bloomie Zones: A Social History of NYC Architecture
Why is Circle K Circle K?
Same as the Old Boss: Rock & Roll and the Corporate Revolution
Letters from prisoners
Why We Sing: Karaoke
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Scavenged-clothing deliveries to Zuccotti Park
Occupy; letters from prisoners
interview with tattoo artist
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interview with Prof. Gene Stavis (formerly of the School of Visual Arts)
A Teacher on Teach for America
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Rafiq Kathwari
Anya Skidan
interview with street artist bamn
Chelsea Manning
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No More Howls: the etymology of Hipster
Norman Mailer’s ‘The White Negro’
Topical Devotions
From the Quickstop
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