Handout is an independently created Zine based in New York City
that features art, nonfiction, interviews, and short pieces about prison/abolition, colonialism, feminism, music, Black studies, history, culture –
visual art, RepurposedMedia, jokes, lefty stuff.

We have published interviews with:
Prof. Larry Clayton
Prof. Nigel Griffin
Prof. Norman Finkelstein
Prof. Noam Chomsky
Prof. Gene Stavis, School of Visual Arts
writer & performer Dan Kinch
street artist BAMN

Issues of Handout are available in many libraries, including:
Rare Books & Manuscripts Library, Ohio State University Library
Collins Memorial Library Zine Collection, University of Puget Sound
Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries
Zineopolis, University of Portsmouth
Dorothy H. Hoover Library, Ocad University Library
Tate Library, UK
Edinburgh Zine Library, Scotland
The Schulz Library at The Center for Cartoon Studies, Vermont
ABC No Rio Zine Library, New York City
8 Ball Archive, New York City

Some issues are available from select shops including:
Bluestockings, New York City
Neither / Nor Zine DIstro, Kansas City, MO
Black Mosquito, Germany

contact us
handout [at] handoutzine [dot] com


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btb [at] handoutzine [dot] com