Wrongful convictions are part of a system that favors process and compliance, instead of human and community needs. Among many examples, these stories will give an introduction:

Lakeith with
James Douglas Waller
Dallas County’s 12th exoneree

Texas’ Incarcerated Innocents
James Waller: After Innocence from WUNC

Florida Prisoner Wrongfully Sentenced To 400 Years FREED After 34 Years In Jail
Florida Death Row Exoneree Shares His Story | ACLU
17 Years in Prison: War Veteran Falsely Accused of Murder
After Dallas DA’s death, 19 convictions undone
When Henry Wade Executed an Innocent Man
Charles Chatman: After Innocence from WUNC
Freed Texas Death Row Prisoner Anthony Graves on Surviving Torture of Solitary Confinement
Interview with a Death Row Inmate who was INNOCENT.
Wrongful Conviction: Jimmy Dennis Was Sentenced to Death
Just Wrong: The aftermath of wrongful convictions
Exonerated Death Row Inmate Meets Prosecutors Who Put Him There
A new day for Dallas justice
Voiceless Behind Bars

Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations. Books, the oldest and the best, stand naturally and rightfully on the shelves of every cottage. They have no cause of their own to plead, but while they enlighten and sustain the reader his common sense will not refuse them. Their authors are a natural and irresistible aristocracy in every society, and, more than kings or emperors, exert an influence on mankind.”
Thoreau, Walden

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