LMFAO: The Human Rights Report

The Sacklers
People dead everywhere – from the cities to the sticks. Prince. Tom Petty. They killed Tom fucking Petty.

The Sackler family made billions – and Purdue Pharma pays some fines.

It makes Chiquita Banana’s anonymized $25 million plea to terrorism look like grave honorable accountability.

Fuck The Sacklers.

"fuck the sacklers" written across an image of the Sackler family, and a black & white movie-image of a street drug deal

Over a million dead in our country from a preventable pandemic.

You know who. No pictures needed or desired.

It’s probably very stupid – but who knew so many people we loved were actually fascists who wouldn’t wear a mask to save a life? Stupid stupid us.

old magazine cover. title: "Le Petit Journal" - illustration of Death with a scythe plowing it through a mass of people. caption "Le Cholera Covid" with "Cholera" struckthrough

Reparations? Let’s ask Vietnam what their’s were!

Remember when the news was about amazing families buying body armor for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, because the war criminals who sent them there were not going to use our tax money on such extravagances?

illustration of a hand reaching up. text "No No .... Not Me...."

In summary: you do not have the right to not die from a preventable war, a preventable drug crisis, or a preventable pandemic. lmfao.